Apply for a Family Reunion: Refugee and Humanitarian Family Members

Apply for a Family Reunion: Refugee and Humanitarian Family Members

The requirements to be met are straightforward and simple for children and spouses that existed at the time the refugee fled his or her country of origin. The children must still be under the age of 18 when the application is made, though. These applications are free and there is no need to show a particular level of income in the UK; even those who are receiving welfare benefits can apply for their family members to join them as long as they can adequately prove that they are related as claimed. 

It mostly depends on the relationship between you and the family member who you would like to join you in the UK. There are some general requirements which must be met in all cases as well.

Refugee family members must apply for a visa, formally called an “entry clearance”, before they travel to the UK. If already in the UK, though, it is possible to apply from within the UK.

Refugee family members must not have committed acts that fall within the exclusion clauses of the Refugee Convention. These are acts such as war crimes or serious non political crimes.

The other requirements depend on the type of family member who is applying.

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