Apply to Settle in the UK if your Partner Dies

Apply to Settle in the UK if your Partner Dies

Who can apply?

Only those with leave to remain in the UK as a partner of a British national or a settled person are eligible to apply. Those in the UK as fiancé(e)s or proposed civil partners are not eligible. Those who have permission to stay in the UK as a dependent of another migrant, e.g. a tier 4 student will not qualify. There are also different rules for those who are partners of EEA nationals. 

For those making their first application under this route there is no requirement that their leave must have been granted under a specific rule, only that the application has been granted as a partner.  This means in practice that those granted leave outside the Immigration Rules are also able to apply if that leave was granted as a partner. The Upper Tribunal confirmed this to be the legal position in the unreported decision of Richards v Secretary of State for the Home Department HU/17336/2016.

How We Can Help

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