UK Employer Sponsorship Licence

Sponsor Licence - UK Immigration & Management Applications

A UK employer who wishes to sponsor a migrant worker for work visa must have a sponsor licence issued by the Home Office UKVI. You will usually need a sponsor licence to employ someone to work for you from outside the UK. This includes citizens of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland who arrive in the UK after 31 December 2020. This includes both paid or unpaid voluntary work, like working for a charity. You will not need a licence to sponsor certain groups, for example Irish citizens, those with settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme and those with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. To become a sponsored licensed employer, you will need appropriate systems in place to monitor sponsored employees. Home Office - UKVI will review your application and supporting documents. They may visit your business before approving your licence application.

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