EEA Family Permits Decisions - Post 30 June 2021

Whilst an application for an EEA family permit was successful following an allowed appeal, the EEA family permit route ended on 30 June 2021. Any EEA family permit, regardless of the date it was issued, is not valid for travel to the UK after 30 June 2021. This includes a permit issued as a result of a successful appeal. As the EEA family permit issued would not be valid, therefore the passport will not be endorsed with an EEA family permit even though the application was successful. The applicant may not be eligible to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme family permit if they are not within the definition of a ‘family member of a relevant EEA citizen’ as defined in Appendix EU. The only remedy in such cases appear to be the Judicial Review. A Class action commenced by a group of clients facing similar negative decision could be a viable option.